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With large number of schools in Bangalore and new ones emerging every day, it is impossible for everyone to know which ones are good or how the old ones who were reputed are faring right now.

Bangalore Schools was launched with the aim of making life easy for parents by providing quality and un-biased information about any school in a nicely laid out tabular format. You can read about the facilities the schools provide, their fees, the admission policies, contact information, map-based location of the school and much more. [Read about schools]

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Once a school information is posted on, that school is open for public to review. People are welcome to share their experiences and thoughts on the schools and respond to comments/questions posted by eager parents. Nothing can beat the wisdom of the crowd and this platform will enable people to share experiences with the world. Users can also rate the schools using a star rating system (1-5 scale). The school reviews are moderated to ensure no offensive language is used. [Review Schools]

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We are actively looking for ideas to include in Bangalore schools portal, to make it more and more effective. Our aim it to provide information about schools and encourage experience sharing to enable parents make a wise and informed decision and bring to light the unknowns about schools. If you are interested in joining us please register with us. We want to develop this platform further so please also share any thoughts on how we can make this better using the contact us page.

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